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Learn about the history of the Freed Slaves dating back to 1834 as we drive through the settlement of Freetown.

We also visit the actual site where Pirates of The Caribbean 2 and 3 were filmed. Western Eco & Sightseeing Tour - The best way to explore the western communities of Grand Bahama!

Tours can be arranged through our Activities Department and include: Eastern Heritage and Cultural Tour (sightseeing) - Go back in time as you tour one of our quaint and picturesque communities.

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Other information about the customs of the Lucayans has come from archaeological investigations and comparison with what is known of Taino culture in Cuba and Hispaniola.

The Lucayans were distinguished from the Tainos of Cuba and Hispaniola in the size of their houses, the organization and location of their villages, the resources they used, and the materials used in their pottery.

The name "Lucayan" is an Anglicization of the Spanish Lucayos, derived in turn from the Taino Lukku-Cairi (which the people used for themselves), meaning "people of the islands".

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