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The first time you come here, you may think the mountains will tip over onto you. It is black, though, so it must be a panther and despite my delight at having sighted the first Banff panther, I am scared bloodless. I pull out my i Phone and call my imaginary husband to talk about “my process.” I have a real husband, but supportive as he is, he’s a bit inured to my process talk after 16 years of it, whereas this dude is tireless, fascinated, and doesn’t mind that I yell.

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When you get to Banff, you can feel your mind expand.

It is a nearly physical feeling, though that’s physiologically impossible.

Over the years she married three more times and raised 11 children while taming the thick old growth rainforest and creating and cultivating a large garden from which she sold seeds, plants, and bulbs by mail order across British Columbia.

Arthur earned the nickname Cougar Annie after shooting 60 cougars over the years as well as 80 black bears who threatened her garden.

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