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He asked Mesrati to send him more stories, and said he might arrange for some to be translated into English and published in Banipal, the magazine of modern Arab literature of which Shimon is now editor.Shimon also asked Mesrati to send him a photograph of himself, and recalls his astonishment when a picture of “a young boy” arrived.While figures since 2008 have yet to be collated, the scale of funding has only increased: such donations are now the largest source of external funding for universities by quite a long way.

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He has had a succession of stories published in Kikah and an array of other online publications and websites, in al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper, and on his own blog Merciapide.

Shimon praises both the story-telling skills and style of Misrati’s “really beautiful short stories”.

But while it will take the LSE quite some time to regain a seat at the table of respectability, it is not the only university that has reason to feel ashamed.

The LSE is said to have received no more than £300,000 of the £1.5 million it was due from Libya.

In response to an email from AFP, Seif al-Islam's lawyer at the ICC, Karim Khan, said: "I am not able to confirm or deny any matters at this moment in time." Previous reports of Seif al-Islam's release have proven false.

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