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Describing himself as an “undercover UGG fan” to WWD, Jeremy announced Getting your nails done every few weeks can be an expensive habit – and it can also wreak havoc on your nails.

We find here a (bordering on grotesque) May-December graphic sex scene, wherein a very important plot point unfolds.

The metaphorical images are fairly obviouse (poisonous spider for a multi-fingered, lusty, sword master), but the notable thing here isn’t the inventiveness of the imagery but rather the execution of the scene in moving pictures.

Now that Megan has embraced the reality of were her “talents” lie we can expect to see more out of her in the coming years, as she will no longer have to wait for producer Michael Bay to be hard up for a blowjob for her to get cast in a movie.

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He says it Much like Crocs, UGGs are a divisive 2000s footwear trend that people still have incredibly strong opinions on.

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