Using your intuition when dating

by  |  13-May-2017 13:44

It got me thinking about the "Mom Bod," so I Googled the term and sure enough, I found several articles... In other words, with every relationship, we weigh the bad and the good, the positives and negatives and the pluses and minuses.

The things he or she does that make us crazy in love are measured against qualities or circumstances we either see or choose to ignore.

Incidentally Scott echoes Anne’s sentiments and adds, "When in love, logic or reasonable thinking takes a backseat; we either trust our intuition or listen to our heart.

Being in love does not necessarily mean a state of euphoria or happiness.

That’s because lots of things influence our feelings. In your dating decisions, how much credence should you give to these gut feelings?

There’s no ironclad answer for every person and every circumstance.

How many times do we think to ourselves, “Oh I just knew that was the wrong decision, but I didn’t listen to my gut.” How many people have you dated (and continued to see) even though there was that internal voice that said, “This won’t work.

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