Rozonda thomas dating ne yo

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Success on top of success doesn't make for the most compelling drama, so screenwriter Kate Lanier (What's Love Got to Do With It, Set It Off, Glitter, Beauty Shop) tries hard to provide some conflict and adversity for these girls to overcome.Rozonda, for instance, is briefly suspended and reluctantly decides to abort her secret child with recording studio technician and life-long player Dallas Austin (Evan Ross).Taking its title from the band's best-selling 1994 album, this 2013 broadcast is very much a throwback to TV movies providing behind-the-scenes looks at the often tumultuous lives of successful celebrities.

Pine is known for his work in Wonder Woman and Star Trek.

According to sources, she hopes that he actually catches wind of this.

With Left Eye supplying the rap, T-Boz bringing a hip-hop sound, and Chilli offering R & B sensibilities and a pretty face, this "street but not ghetto" group is sure to succeed.

And, as we all know, they do, starting with their single "What About Your Friends" and their debut music video for "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" and taking off from there.

Our girl Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas has been on a quest to find love.

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