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They talk above the music, and part of what they talk about has to do with another soldier. One of the soldiers is Justin Robert Fisher, and he lives in Room 303 with another soldier.

The room is divided by a wall that gives each soldier his own living and bedroom space. Fisher shares it with a roommate who is sleeping on a cot outside with the company mascot, an Australian blue heeler named Nasty.

Stephanie Abrams is a popular American television meteorologist.

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It is the soundtrack from Gus Van Sant’s 1998 remake of Hitchcock’s What are you thinking about? But for the 2 soldiers inside Room 303—not to mention about 10 others in Delta Company—there seemed no better way to celebrate democracy than by gathering around a keg.

Inside the barracks, the two soldiers do what they often like to do to burn away the downtime faced by soldiers with no enemy to fight: drink beer.

Many of the grunts called it a night a few hours ago, when the keg, sitting on a bald plot of earth outside Building 4028 of the barracks, ran dry. But with the macho code of the military, where excessive drinking appears to be a merit badge all its own, no one in their chain of command seems to care very much.

But inside Room 303, on the third floor of the building, known as Alpha Module, a disc is put into a CD player. If there is anything unique about their drunkenness on this night, it’s that they haven’t passed out yet. On the nearby parade grounds, beneath an orange-and-white water tower, there was a family-style Independence Day celebration, with a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel and a 21-cannon salute.

Adam & Steve 2005 - After getting together for a calamitous one-night stand in the 1980s, single gays Adam and Steve don't see each other again until they cross paths 17 years later.

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