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And there are those people who are catfish in life. They keep you guessing, they keep you thinking, they keep you fresh.

And I thank God for the catfish because we would be ...

The most recent episode pulled a 1.3 rating in the adults 18-49 demo and 2.07 million viewers.

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Having grown up on the internet and literally living my life in chat rooms you have to understand how truly SPECTACULAR this job was to someone like me. THEN, he just happened to become a fan of my live show, I said in an attempt to cover my tracks. So weird now that I think about it looking back ... I feel like if this girl could just take all of her storytelling talents and translate them into a more healthier medium she could have quite the career on her hands. Here is my kinda catfish story: gonna jump the ‘ how could I have been so blind and stupid’ part and write my own personal catfish report on the guy that swept me off my feet and was my emotional partner every day for over a year sometime between 2011-feb 2013.

I'm naturally a total goof ball so entertaining people for 4 hours at a time was easy, but the fact that this was all online - I mean COME ON!!! Either way, my channel was instantly one of the most popular ones I don't remember exactly when it was when we first started chatting on the phone, but almost immediately he was nagging me to date him. They're SO cheap and we can finally look each other eye to eye. Weeks turned into months and suddenly Dare was a daily fixture in my life. Either way, one day he surprised me again with a present at my door. Either way, this story sucks and I'm not proud of this life experience. My "story" ended more than two years ago, and I am still reeling from the consequences of an online relationship. I am currently talking to someone who for one doesn't like talking on the phone so i've never heard "His" voice. I’m not doing this out of revenge, but because now, after more than 1 year and a half I FOUND HIM…

that was always there, and that I could always call or text. As I called to thank him for the flowers, I then officially became his "girlfriend." Get on webcam, I said that day. Growing up I was the BIIGGGEEEESSSTTTT Jordan Knight fan, so these tickets meant the WORLD to me. HIS PROFILE(Fake) Name: Trenton Lee Beck Date of birth: Skype ID: tbeck85 (constantly changing his skype location from Missouri to California, Chicago etc)tbusy85 was his nicknamee’mail address: [email protected] he was this decent farmer/landscaper in Missouri who owned his own landscaping-contruction-irrigation systems business, a simple man who enjoyed the simple things in life, beer, going out with friends, turkey hunting, country music.

I had just gotten out of a relationship at the time so while I wasn't necessarily looking to date anyone, it was a refresher to have that intimacy and connection with another person. PLOTI am an animal rights activist, a starbucks city girl, a teacher…

I met his parents, slept in his apartment, met his friends, then he randomly disappeared. I was 15 and I went into a Britney Spears chat room. I said I was 18 (as was he) and my name was Mandi (yes, with an "i").

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