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Ann Every human endeavor is an endeavor of many human beings.

A person cannot become an author without other people raising, inspiring, encouraging, educating, training, advising, and assisting that person; similarly, a person’s writing cannot be made into a book without other people expanding, cajoling, massaging, correcting, cutting, prodding, and nudging that writing.

America's food pledge : 20 million tons we have promised to feed the hungry millions of Europe - the Allies and liberated nations : save food : two-thirds more than last year from stocks no larger : United States Food Administration. Venite qui a cercare la libertà dovete ora aiutare a conservarla il pane è necessario agli alleati non sprecate nulla. You came here seeking freedom now you have to help to preserve it bread is necessary to the allies do not waste anything.) approximately 1917 "The time has come to conquer or submit."- "For us there is but one choice. : Buy a bond of the 2nd liberty loan and help win the war. "4-C" ; "Howard Chandler Christy, 1919" ; "Honor Roll / Du Bois / Smith / O'Brien / Cejka / Haucke / Pappandrikopolous / Andrassi / Villotto / Levy / Turovich / Kowalski / Chriczanevicz / Knutson / Gonzales"--text on poster. 1917 The motorman and conductor of this car are members of the United States Fuel Administration and they are pledged to save electricity which means coal : War Board American Electric Railway Association. let this be your part : our country is depending on you : Emergency Fleet Corporation. Gouvernement militaire de Paris : Armée de Paris, habitants de Paris, les membres du gouvernement de la république ont quitté Paris pour donner une impulsion nouvelle à la défense nationale. Le gouverneur militaire de Paris, Commandant l'Armée de Paris, Galliéni. Schwab director general of the Emergency Fleet Corporation says "I want everyone in the yards to understand that when we succeed in building these ships, the credit will belong to the men who actually built them : "I want all the men in the shipyards to feel that they are working with me, not for me." He did his duty : "No finer military organization than the Marine Corps exists in the world." George Dewey. He who gives to his work the best that is in him does his bit as truly as the man who fights. : United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation. prompts me to join the appeal for its further financial support. On land or see or in the air you'll find Uncle Sam's Marines : they go first! For the defence of the liberties and independence of the United States, against the hostile designs of foreign enemies, take notice, … : Goûter - visite de l'hôtel et des collections de la Chine et du Japon appartenant à Mme. 1917 Préparation de la jeunesse Française au service militaire : jeunes Français!

Reproduction of James Whistler's "Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1" (also known as "Whistler's Mother") ; "Poster No. Issued by the National War Savings Committee, Salisbury Square."--text, bottom right margin. To everyone in this plant: this plant is engaged upon government work : every person here owes the United States a duty to do his utmost to make material for our ships carefully and speedily . Our country needs ships : to carry our boys "over there" and keep them well supplied with food, clothing and the munitions of war. J'ai reçu le mandat de défendre Paris contre l'envahisseur. République Française : camp retranché de Paris Ordre de Mobilisation : 1er arrêté relatif à la réserve de l'armée territoriale : Département de Seine-et-Marne … 25000 boys wanted for the biggest job on Earth : join the Pennsylvania Division United States Boys' Working Reserve and help to win the war : non-military, emergency service for boys aged 16 to 21 years : workers receive pay and earn a badge of honor : apply at any enrollment office of Pennsylvania Committee of Public Safety. I have opportunity to observe its operations, measure the quality of its personnel and mark its beneficial influence upon our troops, and I wish unreservedly to commend its work for the Army." Pershing : United War Work Campaign November 11-18, 1918." 1918 "Saving daylight! do as our forefathers did in 1776 enlist : Army Recruiting Office : open day and night. [The Second Annual 1917 Subscription to The Year 1914 (Our Redemption), a Magazine of Literary, Artistic, Political, and Economic Commentary, Is Now Open.] 4 questions to men who have not enlisted : 1. Vous qui appartenez aux plus prochaines classes appelées à l'honneur de servir sous les drapeaux, préparez-vous à tenir dignement votre place dans la phalange héroïque de vos aînes. Enfants de France, espoir de demain, préparez-vous! Assurez l'avenir de la Race et la défense de la Patrie!

With the following Southern California colleges listed on poster: University of California, Occidental College, Pomona College, Santa Clara College, Stanford University, St. Mary's College, University of Southern California, and Throop College of Technology. : Buy United States Government bonds : third liberty loan. Save wheat : they are struggling against starvation and trying to feed not only themselves and children: but their husbands and sons who are fighting in the trenches. The Red Cross needs you : join now : President Wilson says: "a large, well-organized and efficient Red Cross is essential. Without these ships our men will not have an equal chance to fight. expositions des dons Américains 136, Avenue Champs-Eylsées : au profit des oeuvres subventionnées par le Ministère de la guerre ...

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