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Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.”― Samuel P.

Condoms are 98 per cent effective in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections - but only if you use them properly.

He engages in some sexist sparring with Dean of Students Dr.

Barbara Dalton (Dina Merrill), described later as a "champion of minority rights." When she scoffs at the excessive security over the toxin, Mc Garrett tells her, "You're very pretty, and I'm sure you know a lot about chemistry." Of course, where there is a deadly toxin available for the taking, Wo Fat cannot be far away, and the mastermind makes an appearance about 13 and a half minutes into the show in the guise of Professor T. Shang, a "teacher, author, [and] philosopher" who is visiting the University, along with his usual retinue of henchmen, including Mr. Professor Po Ling (Yankee Chang), an old colleague of Shang's from the early 1950s who also teaches at the University of Hawaii, realizes that something is fishy, and when he confronts "Shang" later, he is murdered and his car pushed off a cliff, resulting in the usual stock explosion from #73, Highest Castle, Deepest Grave.

With a plethora of varied attractions, shimmering beaches and a pulsating nightlife visitors are never short of activities in the charming capital.

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