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Rivers, who has been married twice before, confessed that she wasn’t sure whether or not she enjoyed kissing a woman, but hinted that she’s willing to find out.

Discussing the kiss with her daughter Melissa, Rivers admits: “It’s like the Katy Perry song: I kissed a girl and …

And yes she eludes to Le Cirque, but is ambiguous about it: JOAN RIVERS ON THE HOWARD STERN SHOW/SIRIUS XM/March 2, 2010 Select quotes: HOWARD STERN: ?

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"It's like what you always said to me when I was single: If you don't go out, you don't meet people," Melissa, 43, tells her.

PHOTOS: Joan ranks her worst outfits ever for Us "Yes, but Melissa, when you were single you were in your 20s and your early 30s," Joan counters.

I had met Mark when I had interviewed him for the a few years before, when he had written "When You Coming Back Red Ryder." That play did pretty well.

And his next play, "Children of a Lesser God," won a Tony and became a movie.

Rivers said her date suddenly went quiet, with his eyes wide open, sitting upright on the banquette, and he just died.

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