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We’re usually able to spot ’em three or four scenes into a movie or a half-dozen chapters into a novel. I assume you don’t take your relationship cues from script writers and authors.

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Meeting the right person, getting married, and living happily ever after in a house with a white picket fence, is a dream that invades the minds of most people.

While the white picket fence may have gone by the wayside, meeting the right person and living happily ever after has not.

Paperback - $15 Marriages don’t get better on their own.

The best marriages happen when a husband and a wife are purposeful together to make their marriage better. Others carve a few minutes out of busy schedules to spend quality time together each day. If you are like us, your marriage can always get better.

"Swipe Right is a timely, wonderful, prophetic, and needed message for our generation."-Christine Caine Founder of the A21 Campaign and bestselling author of Unashamed "If you are wondering what God's plans are for your love life, or leading those in search of his plan for theirs, you need this book."-Louie Giglio Pastor of Passion City Church, founder of Passion Conferences, and author of The Comeback "This is a good book.

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