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Chris: Jerry and I got lunch together before we started shooting and because we have a mutual sort-of acquaintance with a manager. Jerry: Listen, any moment I can get out of the house without my kids, I'll take it!

Tony Shalhoub: I think I have visited here before to see an acting coach or something. I've been in Los Angeles for only about three and a half years. In real life, what were your first impressions of one another? There's $9 left on it, so I'm going to use it. Chris: We had lunch and coffee afterward, and my first impression was this guy has more time on his hands than I thought. Tony was nice enough to come by, and I was so excited to see him, I ran over to him and gave him a hug, which was shocking to you.

I think the moment that brought us all together was when the check came, and our boss, Rob, paid and I think it just bonded us all together. Kal: I thought it was when we all shared the spinach. They talk about whether they should eat something or shouldn't eat something, but just enjoy it! If you're going to get drunk and cry at a bar, go home. Chris: I think both genders can stand to self-analyze less and be themselves more. I have kids now; I go to a lot of kids functions, but let's say hypothetically at soccer practice, these women get too overdressed.

Chris: We had a read through and then we went out to dinner. Chris: We have secret texts and not even our bosses are on it. Jerry: You know, Chris has helped me on a flight with my daughters. Jerry: Joking aside, I would trust any of these guys with my children. I would be honored if he would impart some wisdom on my girls. That's something that I just can't handle. Kal: I'm really embarrassed, Tony, because that's only how I talk to Tony. Tony: And see, I thought that's why you did it. Tony: And then the other thing is when it comes to eating, girls either don't like to eat [on dates] or talk about food too much.

If we have days of work that are somewhat stressful, we'll all text each other at night about it. Jerry, who would you trust to most babysit your daughters? Glamour: How much did you charge for your services, Chris? I don't know how long this show is going to last, and these guys have had careers before this, so if I have to, I might have to dip into babysitting to make money. Tony has two daughters that are quite successful and older and doing really well. Glamour: So if you had to choose one of these guys, who would you set your daughters up with? One is: I loathe baby talk, and I think some women think baby talk is fun or funny or appealing.

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