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And, she most probably only has one man – her husband in her entire life. Dowry is the wealth transferred from the bride’s family to the groom or his family. My Nepali business did not believe that marriages out of love are realistic because he thinks that love will eventually fade. Below is a wedding ceremony which I attended and I post it carefully with some captions.

5) Once married, the bride is belonged to the bridegroom and his family. If the bride’ family did not pay the dowry, the bride might be returned to her home, and will be rejected/bullied/beaten by the bridegroom’s family. Instead, he places his faith in arranged marriages that don’t originate in love, but rather gradually develop into strong companionship and then love. Below: They(with bridegroom) are going to the bride home to take her with typical Nepali music. Below: We(the bridegroom) sent many beautiful girls with gifts, souvenirs and foods before the marriage process in bride homes.

I am self dependent girl, I don't like man playing with me and my feeling, I am here to search my partner so who ever interested on me can message me but please who don't have time and hard to communicate with me then I'm a student.

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I work with therapeutic massage and chronic pain, 15 years in Brasil and last 2 yearend 7 months in Norway.

I have Im introvert person, calm, passionate; hard work.

If she is returned, she won’t get a chance for the second marriage and she will be abandoned from the society.

So, can be very sure here that most of the unmarried “good girl” are still virgin if they not yet married. Above: Me ready in Saree to attend the wedding ceremony.

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