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This is the only qualification with which you can earn some decent monthly income from your living room .

What you want is a PC (Personal Computer) Or Even a Android / Smart Phone And a minimum basic knowledge on how to use the internet ( browsing / surfing ) .

We still didn't use Hotmail though, so we ignored it. Now in 2012, between Sky Drive, Live Mail, Windows Phone Marketplace, App Hub, Messenger and our growing dislike with all things Google, we decided to give up on Gmail. It was full of spam, had the antiquated address and frankly we just don’t like our username.

Our second problem is Hotmail users can’t change their Live ID in the settings (don’t think we haven’t tried). We want to start from scratch (and not just change our email address). What about our $15 a month Zune Pass (with free 10 song credit)? And those apps…sure, you have bought apps for Windows Phone, but we’ve spent well over $600. Whatever it may be, let’s move on to getting that switch.

Maybe you're not happy with your current user name or like us, you have used your Hotmail account since 2002 as a glorified spam experiment.

Live id sinup

In 2015 they launched Affair Hub Live, which expanded their service offerings from purely online to phone.…
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