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Revised ADA Requirements: Effective Date and Compliance Date | PDF This publication sets out several different "compliance dates," dates by which entities covered by the ADA are required to comply with the new or revised provisions of the Department's rules.Revised ADA Requirements: Accessible Pools - Means of Entry and Exit | PDFThis publication is designed to help title II and title III entities understand how new requirements for swimming pools, especially existing pools, apply to them.

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Those accounting terms are then also added to the Venture Line Accounting Dictionary.

So, the architecture and terms contained herein were developed by you our users.

Guidance on the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design | PDF screen | PDF print This explanatory information addresses the scoping and technical provisions of the 2010 Standards.

ADA Update: A Primer for Small Business | PDF An illustrated guide to help small businesses understand the new and updated requirements of the revised ADA regulations.

The result is an accounting dictionary or glossary that is relevant to today’s environment.

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