Dating an aries what to expect

by  |  07-Jul-2017 01:36

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So you want to date a fire sign, well know that they are going to be extremely ambitious, passionate, hard headed, and bombastic. The Aries seems like a fixed sign, but fortunately for us all... The Aries knows what it wants, goes after it to no avail, and leads others to do the same.

Aries may not be the most emotional sign in the market, so if you look people that showcase more emotion, don't stray too close to the Aries sign.

ok so i just started dating an aries and just read up about them...i wanted to know from experience what type of girls aries men are into??

also, if you're in a relationship with an aries man how do you keep it lasting?? please dont copy and paste off the internet...i want to hear...

They joke around all the time, she laughs a lot, and they both seem to take sides with a lot of things and get angry at the same time [at their son, my friend : D].. How I am Jealous, they even give each other massages on the back before bed. n-n; I believe Aries guys like to have a cheery, funny, decent looking girlfriend..

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