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The Kiiroo is made of plastic and rubber, and conforms to male and female body parts.What makes Kiiroo different from other sex toys--dare I say "innovative"--is that the two devices are tethered together via the web, on the Kiiroo platform.There are business, education and government solutions that increase the participant count to for video calls to 15 and offers support.

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For me, feminism is the fight for the liberation of all women as a class from subjugation under patriarchy.

Loose the structural analysis and feminism gets lost in the rights of the individual, in identity led politics and notions of choice and agency fail to take sufficient account of context and impact.

Story and images by Eric Markowitz / Vocativ "Honey, check your Wi-Fi connection--I'm not feeling anything." That may be the future of "intimate" conversations, especially if Toon Timmermans' company takes off.

Timmermans, a Dutch entrepreneur, is launching Kiiroo, a company that sells digital sex toys for the modern age.

When one partner makes a motion with his Kiiroo device, his partner feels it through her Kiiroo device, no matter how far away she is.

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