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He shall have while so acting a vote in the Council of Government. 5, and shall give such orders as he deems necessary for the discipline and safety of the troops. The Lieutenant-General shall serve as Captain-General of the Army, ad interim, in case of vacancy. Each province of the Philippines may have a representative delegate elected by universal suffrage , who shall represent it in the Assembly. Religious liberty, the right of association, the freedom of education , the freedom of the press , as well as freedom in the exercise of all classes of professions, arts, trades and industries are established. Every Filipino shall have the right to direct petitions or present remonstrances of any import whatsoever, in person or through his representative, to the Council of Government of the Republic. No person, whatever may be his nationality, shall be imprisoned or held except by virtue of an order issued by a competent court, provided that this shall not apply to crimes which concern the Revolution, the government or the Army. Neither can any individual be deprived of his property or his domicile, except by virtue of judgment passed by a court of competent authority. Every Filipino is obliged to serve the Revolution with his services, and property to the extent of his capacity. The debts and other obligations contracted prior to the promulgation of this Constitution by the Generals and other Chiefs of the Revolutionary Army, as well as their notes and orders, are hereby recognized and ratified to-day, also all subsequent debts, certified to by the government. The officials of the Council of Government are entitled to the consideration and respect due to their rank, and if they be constant in them they shall be entitled to pensions according to regulations to be published on the subject. The Council of Government has the power to remove any official from office if there be sufficient reason for it.

Formal charges will be laid for the action of a court to be called the “Sworn Tribunal.” Article XXX.

He is a polymath wannabe in the fields of training and education, civic voluntarism, sports, arts, travel, photography and social networking. There were four Pain Monsters known together as “The Legion of Pain” namely Body Pain, Headache, Dysmenorrhea and Toothache.

Vistro wants to be known as Si RVis (an amalgamation of his name, profession and penchant for service).

29 of current year after a long discussion, [the Representatives] have unanimously agreed upon the following: The separation of the Philippines from the Spanish monarchy and their formation into an independent state with its own government called the Philippine Republic has been the end sought by the Revolution in the existing war, begun on the 24th of August, 1896; and therefore, in its name and by the power delegated by the Filipino people, interpreting faithfully their desires and ambitions, we, the representatives of the Revolution, in a meeting at Biac-na-bato, Nov. 1897, unanimously adopt the following articles for the Constitution of the State: Article I.

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