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In it, Mr Gullino, asked if he was still in touch with his old Bulgarian secret service handler, replied: “Yes I know him, but this is an intimate question because I was really in that [secret service] branch.” He was then challenged about his role in the assassination, to which Mr Gullino responded: “I have got nothing to do with this story.

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Three years ago a book citing leaked Bulgarian intelligence documents named the alleged hitman as Francesco Giullino, a Dane of Italian origin who worked for the Bulgarian secret service.

He is described as agent "Piccadilly" who worked for the communist era Durzhavna Sigornost (DS), the Bulgarian equivalent of the KGB.

He was named in Bulgaria eight years ago as Francesco Gullino, a Danish national of Italian origin, who worked for the then Communist regime using his business as an antiques dealer as a cover. But finally he has been tracked down to an obscure Austrian town where he has admitted working for the Bulgarian secret service, Darzhavna Sigurnost (DS), but denied any involvement in Mr Markov’s murder.

Now in his 60s, he was traced to his home by a film-maker for a new documentary, entitled: Silenced: Georgi Markov and The Umbrella Murder.

It is alleged that Mr Gullino was ordered by the DS to live in Copenhagen in 1978 - the year Mr Markov was murdered - and set up an antiques business as a cover.

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