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The family lived in a mansion in Westbury, New York that was the location in 2004 for the reality TV show, "Growing up Gotti".On February 5, 1994, Agnello was charged with criminal mischief for damaging a police scooter.American gangster and noted Mafia leader once known as the "Teflon Don" after a series of courtroom acquittals.

In 1979, according to 2007 court testimony, then Gambino Capo John Gotti retaliated against Agnello for assaulting his daughter, Victoria Gotti in a domestic dispute.

Several Gambino associates ambushed Agnello, beat him with a baseball bat, and then shot him in the buttocks. The couple had three sons, Carmine Agnello, John Agnello, and Frank Agnello, and a stillborn daughter, Justine.

Proud mama Victoria posted a series of photos on Twitter from the special soiree, writing, "My handsome son john and his beautiful new wife Alina!!

Carmine Agnello was born in 1960 in Ozone Park, Queens, New York City.

; What were the full names of all of Fannie's brother(s) and sister(s) and their dates of birth and death; How tall was she and how much did she weigh? ; Another thing about Fannie: Is she still living and if not when did she die -John's wife, Vicky (neé Di Giorgio) Gotti: What was her full name (legal name at the time of her's and John's marriage) and what was her name before she took her step father's surname? ; What was the full name of her biological father and the dates of his birth and death?

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