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Select the location of the key file, and pick a location for the request file (which will be created).Copy the request file (sapphire.req) to a machine with Internet. Save the activation file it returns (via download or email), and copy that back to the offline machine. HOW DO I INSTALL MY ACTIVATION KEY IF MY LICENSE SERVER MACHINE IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET?

Paste your Sapphire Activation Key from the license email, in the field next to “License activation key”. Go to your offline license server and get the Host ID (a.k.a.

Ethernet Address or MAC address) On Windows: Go to start - Get RLM Host ID On Mac: In a console type: “/Library/Application Support/Gen Arts/rlm/Get” On Linux: In a terminal type: /usr/genarts/rlm/hostid_(The command will print out the results – Get the first mac address from the first line: “Hostid of this machine:“) In the License Server or Node-lock hostid field, replace what’s there with the Ethernet address of the Offine machine In the field next to “License count (for floating licenses):” enter the number of licenses that should be locked to this server.

Get the key file from your computer that has Internet connection and transfer it to your offline machine via a flash/thumb drive, etc.

(Note: The key file is inclued with your license e-mail).

you can put one moment in sync, but at the first edit sync will be lost. This can be done at any point in a project’s life cycle.

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