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Paraphrasing Kim’s reported remarks at the missile test site, North Korea’s lead party newspaper claims that it is now “a full-fledged nuclear state, regardless of whether someone would recognize it or not.” But exaggerated claims of strategic reach across the Pacific (quite possibly, for purposes of domestic legitimation) remain unproven.

The questions confronting Pyongyang are how prepared it might to push the envelope, and the costs and risks it is prepared to tolerate.

MANILA- North Korea's vice foreign minister met with his Philippine counterpart on Wednesday ahead of a regional security meeting in Manila, where Pyongyang is expected to face pressure to halt its intermediate-range missile tests.

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National Bureau of Investigation personnel display hundreds of plastic bags containing kilos of shabu, part of a P6.4-billion shipment seized from a warehouse in Valenzuela City, on May 27, 2017, based on a tip from Chinese authorities.

Photo by MARIANNE BERMUDEZ / Philippine Daily Inquirer) A warehouse caretaker who was the lone suspect arrested for the smuggling of P6.4 billion worth of shabu (crystal meth) told lawmakers that the shipment was actually the fourth of a series of deliveries made to his Taiwanese bosses.

But equally vexing and worrisome questions confront the United States and other involved powers.

All states in the region and beyond must contemplate the ominous possibilities of East Asia’s most severe crisis since the Korean War, and of what steps can be taken to prevent it.

The last shipment referred to the shabu seized by the Bureau of Customs and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Authority in a May 26 raid that has been dubbed as the largest haul of smuggled drugs in the country’s history.

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