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PHOTOS: Celebrity cougars Cattrall has been married three times: to Larry Davis (1977-1979), Andrew J. Her ex-boyfriends include actors Bruce Willis and Alexander Siddig, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, chef Alan Wyse and Devo's Gerald Casale.

PHOTOS: Find out how much the clothes cost in Sex and the City 2 Cattrall isn't the only star who's been lucky in love: Kristin Davis, 47, recently began dating screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, 50, and Cynthia Nixon, 46, married longtime love Christine Marinoni, 45, on May 27.

Less than three weeks later, Cattrall and Ross linked arms during the Party in the Garden benefit at the Museum of Modern Art.

PHOTOS: See the Sex and the City cast in the '80s A Ross source tells Page Six "he has no agenda with Kim. He likes her." Friends describe Ross, who grew up on the Upper East Side, as "extraordinarily wealthy," "very low-key" and "private." He was recently linked to actress and artist Anh Duong, 51, and is currently divorcing his wife, Betsy Finkle.

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