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Baby Cindy rides along in a wicker basket and is left in the car while the boys sit on the dock, drink beer and fish.Lurking nearby, having completed some nefarious business in their canoe, are two hillbillies - Bert and Grover.If you are more traditional, turn to the Yellow Pages that you have stored in your living room, because surely it will include several workers in your list of plumbing. Ask, ask and ask friends, teachers, classmates, neighbors.

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Like, really lost it and not in the cute way where I turn a moment of weak parenting into a joke on social media or, make a great meme or, in the million other small ways that do nothing but advance the stereotype of the wine-fueled “Momster” that has been my bread and butter for so long. I lost it and had this out-of-body “I SEE YOUR BULLSHIT!

Just a globe of jerkiness being flooded by a tsunami of selfishness. I’ve had enough of bullshit stories about how we’re ruining our children when we expect too much of them. In kind, they give nothing and then we’re supposed to take that nothing and make happiness out of it by overdoing every holiday, birthday and Arbor Day with crafts. I’ve had enough of spoiled children who want for nothing but still want everything. And, I’m sitting well beyond her preteen brain explosion wondering the same thing…what am I doing?

You don’t hurt it.” “That’s what all kids do at that age, you know, they go to the bathroom, they eat, they cry. “Anytime we hear about anything like that happening, especially to a 7-week-old, I mean, that guy should be put in jail for quite a while.” “If you’re going to have kids, you need to treat them with respect.

However a family member has some great advice, which may be considered common sense to some but not by all, about what the constant crying may mean…

health authorities imploring regular hand washing, and with talk of sanitizer gel like it was liquid gold, it's tough not to worry about what your children are getting into and the ultimate impact it will have on their health.

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