San francisco founder dating

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Her story marks the sixth in turnstone’s year-long focus on women blazing trails in the world of business.

Full name: Jessica Alter Founder of: Founder Dating HQ location: San Francisco Contact: Twitter: @jalter and @founderdating Favorite Quote: I grew up in suburbs of Detroit (cue the 8-mile references).

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The company does some shady things that could get them in a lot of trouble.

If you work here, you might not be able to leave because she also gives awful backdoor references to anyone that tries to leave.

Contamos con la participación de Coworking Cuenca, Kruger Labs, Impaqto, Innobis, e Innopolis.

Compra en linea o acércate en nuestro punto de venta: Amazonas N26-146 y La Niña, Yachay EP , Quito.

Cons- CEO expected us to work constantly, we typically worked until 8PM each night and from home on weekends- Very high turnover rate, although not surprising considering how employees were treated- The company tended to act in the interest of growth over the best interest of it's customers, even if that meant using growth strategies that were deceiving or upsetting to customers- In general, the CEO doesn't seem to care about employees, is rude to employees and customers, and is so focused on succeeding that she loses sight of the fact that she needs good employees to stick around to do so Cons Founder Dating has the highest turnover rate I've seen in any company.

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