Granny cam room

by  |  17-Jan-2017 10:19

State attorneys general in New York and Ohio have also relied on hidden cameras to record evidence of abuse and neglect in nursing homes.Ohio Attorney General Mike De Wine said he got permission from residents’ families where he placed the cameras in state nursing homes, the Well blog says.

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The new Oklahoma law allows cameras in residents’ rooms if consent forms are filed to notify the facility, according to prior coverage by News9 and News Channel 4.

The law gives the family exclusive rights to the recording and allows it to be used in court.

Imagine that your mother is in a long-term care facility.

On your weekend visits, she’s told you that the nurses and aides there are taking things from her, pinching her and refusing to change her diapers when she soils them.

The camera recorded an aide stuffing latex gloves into Mayberry’s mouth while another taunted the elderly woman.

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