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Now’s the time to invest in a nanny cam so you can keep tabs wirelessly and even review the footage later using USB-compatible storage.

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Tiny Receiver Plugs Directly into 2.0 USB Port for Motion Activated, Scheduled, or Continuous Recording on Your PC. Also Free Still Shot with Instant Update Can Be Viewed From Any Inet PC. The Mini Versa Spy Cam offers features only imagined by other wireless camera systems. range) 2.4Ghz wireless high resolution color CCD pinhole camera, but the tiny, metal case, 4-channel receiver and included software allows for direct USB connection to your computer for monitoring, motion activated recording, scheduled recording, and instant still frame and update internet viewing from any Inet computer.

Alert feature instantly sends email and/or telephone call when a motion-activated alarm is sensed.

These reports are not confirmed yet and so are still rumours, it may not mean that Apple are ditching the i Pod Classic and i Pod Nano but maybe focusing their attention elsewhere, on the Apple Tablet perhaps?

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