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They will have the option to accept (Alt T) or decline (Alt D) your invitation.If your contact accepts your invitation, the video feed from their webcam will be displayed in a small window in the sidebar on the right. Before you can sign in to Messenger, users need to sign up for a new account so they can IM with other Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger contacts.

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A good rule of thumb in software these days is that any social product without a video feature is going to get one eventually.

Another good rule of thumb is that any feature developed by Snapchat is coming soon to a Facebook product near you.

Messenger is automatically connected and ready to fire up once you'd attached your Live ID in the Windows Phone setup walkthrough, but to activate Facebook Chat, you'll be required to login on your Live account and set up Facebook Connect via the web browser, as well as adding your Facebook account to your phone.

Simply connecting your Facebook account to your Windows Phone only kick-starts the social integration for the People hub and Me tile. Now you'll be able to utilise Facebook Chat on your Windows Phone with the above steps carried out.

The calls make use of Voice over Internet Protocol (Vo IP).

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