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It would appear that, of all of Marcus' revolutionary inventions, the internal combustion engine alone is so central to modern civilization that the name of its inventor would roll off the tongue of every grade-school child as easily as that of Watt or Whitney or Edison.

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Trucks and buses, automobiles and lawnmowers, motorboats and chainsaws - in fact - every mechanism employing a combustion motor and its carburetor, magneto ignition, and spark plugs, derives from patents granted to Marcus.

They are but a few of the one hundred and fifty-eight significant inventions known to have been brought into the world by this technological genius. They are direct descendants of the original horseless carriages produced by Siegfried Marcus.

Winged spirits tumble across the night sky in New York artist Richard Callner’s “Lovers: Birth of Lilith” (1964), now in a private collection.

According to medieval Jewish tradition, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, before Eve.

In the accompanying article, Janet Howe Gaines traces the evolution of Lilith.

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