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SCC's high early form stripping strength and smooth finish mean faster turnaround and minimal cosmetic repairs, and a positive impact on maintaining projects on schedule.SCC’s high cement content means that its economic benefits are amplified when high strength is a requirement.Data indicate that the share of application of SCC in precast concrete industry is more than three times higher than that in the ready-mixed concrete industry. The estimated average price of SCC supplied by the RMC industry in Japan was 1.5 times that of the conventional concrete in the year 2002.

Since the development of SCC in Japan, many organizations across the world have carried out research on properties of SCC.

Self Consolidating Concrete can be defined as a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that has the ability to spread by its own weight while filling the formwork and encasing the reinforcement without any form of mechanical consolidation.

This led to the development of self-compacting concrete, primarily through the work by Okamura. The first usable version of self-compacting concrete was completed in 1988 and was named “High Performance Concrete”, and later proposed as “Self Compacting High Performance Concrete”.

In Japan, the volume of SCC in construction has risen steadily over the years.

Some of the advantages of using Self-Consolidating Concrete are: 1. Improved uniformity of in-place concrete by eliminating variable operator-related effort of consolidation.

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