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There is no evidence of foul play in Brittany Murphy's untimely death, but as her life comes under scrutiny so does the man she quietly married two years ago, whose grieving will be complicated by public interest in his troubled past.Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, is the one who called 911 at 8 a.m.Meeting the Paparazzi There are a bunch of red carpet scenes in all shot on the same postage-stamp-size set, with the photographers clearly in another room entirely from Fuller. " one shadowy paparazzo with a cut-rate British accent shouts. That is like doing a reality show and thinking the real world is gonna be the same." Yes, like that.6.

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The tabloid types are on the offensive when Britt and Mama Sharon leave, but whoosh!

Creepy Simon — who keeps randomly appearing — swoops in to save the day. The paparazzi — they're not your friends," he says.

Sunday after her mother found her stricken in their home.

Monjack, understandably, appeared "dazed" as rescue workers tried to revive his wife.

His online presence repeatedly suggests he wished to be known first as Brittany Murphy's husband.

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