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(CNN) -- You have to think about picking up girls the exact same way you think about picking up a box. It thinks, analyzes and makes excuses, so rejection is self-inflicted before women even get a chance to do it. After working with thousands of men all around the world, I have found that the common issue holding men back with women is that "thing" on top of their shoulders.When I sat down for a Skype date with Jet and Star of the Wing Girls, it was not long before I realized that the dolled up duo before me–dressed in red, white, and blue attire that would make Captain America jealous–are just as outspoken and feisty as they seem in their male dating advice videos that have garnered more than 66 million views to date.

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What women are really attracted to has nothing to do with appearance. A man who is calm, cool, collected, comfortable and confident will trump an Abercrombie model every time. Not sure who started this rumor, but they must be shot immediately.

Women do not sit around with their girlfriends and say "Oh, Marni, I can't wait to meet a lazy, unreliable jerk who treats me poorly and feeds on my insecurities." Women like nice guys, not wimps, pushovers or pleasers; nice guys with a backbone and strong sense of self.

“You are out there being paid to help the guy get the girl, and that is a very outcome-driven scenario.

If the guy’s not ready or there aren’t the right girls out there, it’s hard.”Some women are more naturally suited to the role than others, recruiters say.

There's no "right" line, but there's a right way to say it.

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