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Just today, nine million Britons will log on looking for love.

The result is that, rather than being someone that defies all calculation, love is now big business worth an annual $4 billion internationally and growing at 70 per cent a year – with high-tech venture capitalists, psychologists and software engineers reaping vast rewards.

“If passionate love is the cocaine of love, companionate love is like having a glass of wine,” he quips.

This doesn’t mean that we should cling to those with which we have no chemistry or hold onto relationships that are bad for us.

But it does mean that, when the high of all the texting, kissing, and novelty wears away, and we inevitably begin to see a few things that are not-so-perfect in our partner, any hope for lasting love requires us to respond with patience and an openness to the possibility of loving this person.

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