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Before, such relationships were hardly ever accepted, but thankfully, we are now in an age in which dating for older women is skyrocketing like nobody has ever imagined it would do.As times change, people change along with it and because of this, many older women who were perfectly content dating men of the same age as them before have adjusted to the times and are now dating younger men in their place. It could be because they like the dynamics of new kinds of relationships, for example, or because it makes them feel young again.

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Whether you’re looking for companionship, a “toy boy” or perhaps the next great love of your life, author and comedian Kathy Lette believes getting online can work in the digital age of dating.

In this video, Kathy and Deb discuss the benefits of online dating over 50 and the places to go to find a “bloke”.

Regardless of the reasons, dating for older women always makes mature women singles make mistakes that they really should avoid.

You may be a gilf granny who is dating a man much younger than you, but this does not have to mean that you need to downplay how mature you are just to fit in with his life.

“(and) You can do that without meeting so it’s kind of a safer way for women to meet men than (meeting) just some random stranger at the pub,” she said.

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