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He's also very shy and insecure with girls and struggles to express and deal with his feelings, so he tries to hide that underneath with some humor and bad jokes.

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If she didn’t like you, she would simply rest her fan on her left cheek. If the fan was resting on the right cheek, you were a lucky guy.

In fact, since talking things out wasn’t exactly an option back then, the ladies had an elaborate system of codes using their fans. In 19th century Austria, eligible ladies would keep an apple slice shoved up their armpits during dances.

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basically, love is strange implies that max caulfield has got it so going on that on just one random week she could have any of four different women pledging their love to her by friday, and i think that’s beautiful.

This episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience at Drexler's, located at 9 Ave A on Ave A between E Houston and 2nd street in New York City!

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