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I was in Prague, for Channel 4 (UK TV) covering a visit by Harold Pinter who was there to see one of his plays, Mountain Language, performed at The Magic Lantern and to meet fellow playwright Vaclav Havel, who was unlucky enough to be stuck with the job of president of Czechoslovakia Havel told me he wanted out as soon as possible ... I thought Id wrapped the shoot when visas and carnets arrived with instructions to film at the premiere of Margaret Atwoods The Handmaids Tale in West Berlin a film Harold had scripted.

Visas, carnets but no airline tickets but the visas seemed to cover us for the rapidly collapsing DDR (East Germany) as well as Berlin so I got the cameraman and myself on a train from Prague to East Berlin and crawled across Prussia (quite the most boring stretch of countryside imaginable, and unlikely ever to be in anyones Great Railway Journeys) via Dresden and into the Lichtenberger Station in East Berlin. any moons ago, I used to enjoy target shooting, mainly with long guns, but occasionally with handguns as well.

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ein backblech mit backpapier auslegen und die masse in »puffergrösse« auf dem backblech verteilen.

das ganze kommt in den auf 200° vorgeheizten ofen für etwa 20 minuten, nach 15 minuten die puffer wenden, so werden beide seiten schön lecker gebräunt (bei unserem ofen und erstem versuch, wurden die puffer nämlcih auf der unterseite so schön braun – nicht wie erwartet von oben …) dazu gibt es heute kräuterquark – superlecker – max hat die idee diese puffer demnächst als burger zu servieren – erste tests mit ketchup und extrakäsescheiben waren äusserst vielversprechend …

Which means the Bears are about to get pounded by the Packers. 2) Summer is winding down, have back in school kids. The DJIA hit 22,000 for the first time ever so all the people playing at home got excited however the Nasdaq and S&P both sold off most of the session. Let me tell you since that’s the reason you came to this fine recap.

Just yesterday I was crushing hot dogs and cold beer on the 4th of July and now it’s freaking August? When August hits a couple things come to mind 1) Football is imminent. Yes, always, there will always be things to wring your hands about but you can’t miss out on years like this ( 10%) because you’re scared of your shadow. This one: the low of 2017 is the first trading day of the year. After the open, AAPL’s 5% gain should’ve driven every single index to new highs but it didn’t and that’s ok.

Two days ago I had a project meeting at another site and my boss said I should bring my intern as it would be a good experience for him.

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