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A reoccurring theme in the book is Teacher Bob ignoring the insane things his students say and just wanting them to shut up. Teacher Bob tells the cubs that they each have a laptop (and will each be getting a printer) because the class is part of an experiment by some rich guy. Why, every time I try to teach you cubs something, it’s an experiment (5–6).”Who is responsible? Therefore, he’s sure that all the kids need laptops and everyone will be on their way to Brown Bear University or Williams Pawlege or Oxfurd University. Ordinary school experiments can be psychological experiments. That’s cool that you’re not teaching to a test but…whew boy, how long have you been in the teacher game? Across the room, Brother Bear finally has some answers about why Bonnie, his crush, has been so distant. Teacher Bob goes on to explains that the internet is called the Information Super Highway but then Ferdy, the nerdy cub corrects him.“I feel that I must point out to you,” said Ferdy…“that hardly anyone calls it the Information Superhighway anymore. How aren’t the parents yelling for these kids to get off the phone line?

Upon hearing this, Queenie Mc Bear asks all the right questions.“Who chose us to be guinea pigs in an experiment? “My mom says cubs can’t be used in experiments without their parents permission.” Teacher Bob smiled, “But Queenie, this isn’t a medical experiment or a psychology experiment,” he said. Squire wanted to donate laptops and to the school and the principal, Mr. Can someone please get the Bear Country internal review board over to this school, stat. But maybe we all need to stop asking so many questions. The new term is cyberspace.”“All right, Ferdy,” said Teacher Bob. Now, if you’ll all open your laptops, we’ll blast off (15).”At home, Brother tries to get online be he doesn’t know how so he calls Harry, the computer whiz. Do the parents even know why a printer showed up at their house earlier in the day?

Nova means “chasing butterflies” in the Hopi language and Nita means “bear” in the Choctaw language. The bears are about 11 months old and were found in late August foraging — with no mama bear in sight — on the Confederated Salish (Say-lish) and Kootenai (Koot-nee) tribal grounds near the Flathead Indian Reservation, not far from the Glacier National Park in Montana.

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So the only personality I had really experienced when it came to bears were the fictional ones – Yogi the Bear and Smokey the Bear.

And I was pretty sure that these polar bears in Churchill weren’t going to steal picnic baskets or warn me against forest fires.

I get the feeling that Too-Tall also says a lot of homophobic stuff that got omitted from the story.

But he just seems like he would be very upset that words typed by boys are on a screen on his lap. Since then, her grades had been going up and she was learning a lot inside and outside of school. She’s not lost but she might have even found a new boyfriend, a polar bear in Canada.

Say something to impress me; be cool, be different.

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