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Vito may be young, but he’s been snowboarding on a world-class level for several years, looking to perfect his craft and get his body in perfect form to do all those jumps, spins and grabs that he’s known for.We had a chat with him about what kind of training regimen he’s utilizing, while also figuring out his competitive goals for the near future—is he gunning to dethrone Shaun White? Men’s Fitness: So you’ve had quite the extensive training program since last year. Louie Vito: I started going to John Schaeffer at Winning Factor the spring of 2011.

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During the 12th season of Dancing With the Stars he subdued his ego to beat out 10 other contestants and win the reality show's crown.

The co-host of NBC's reality show The Contender was a contestant on the 12th season of Dancing With the Stars .

While his ladylove Dunn looked leggy and sophisticated in a black corset style short dress, Ballas opted to wear a grey hooded sweater with the word 'Vibe' on the front and some black baggy tracksuit pants.

Olympian and Team Toyota Rider Louie Vito is one of the most exciting half-pipe snowboarders on the professional circuit these days.

The episodes (from the producers who had worked on `The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' `Bob Newhart' and other ser The classic sitcom set at New York's Sunshine Cab Co.

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