What makes a girl intimidating

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Tall girls are sexy and have long legs, usually they look skinnier too because body fat distributes more healthily, but the best thing has to be when you hold a tall girl she doesn't feel like she will snap and she fits snugly over your shoulder and not into your armpit ^^.You also don't feel like you're doing something wrong, short girls sometimes "feel" like they're a lot younger than me and that's jot attractive because I just feel guilty or freakishly big/tall.

what makes a girl intimidating-20

I get called the same thing but mostly by girls, because girls who are not out there and loud like us are hard to figure out.

Girls would tell me that i looked mean or something and im the nicest person ever but i can be very focused and calm so people mistaken that for being stuck up.

Well what can make a girl intimidating is the fear of being rejected, taken, or just a bad girl.

If this question is for you then you should try to talk to the guy. Let him know that you'll talk to him about anything. It's a new century so maybe you'll give him a little push and show him you want to go out with him.

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