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Unlike is superficially ripe for the screen: its prose is digestible, its story arc simple, and its action extremely camera-friendly even as it takes up its predecessors’ themes.

Yet the book’s notorious erotic journey is, in ways, a distraction. This version places a stronger accent on Lawrence’s obsession with the restorative power of nature and makes its lovers less wounded philosophers and more liberated adventurers. They stared at him a moment, and turned away, muttering to one another. Connie knew it all, and accepted it far more inevitably than Clifford did.

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Be even more thankful that even if you fall down on your job, she can handle matters herself!

And whatever you do, don’t make her self-conscious about it.

It represents the community colliers in one terrific, nearly wordless scene that has her Ladyship watching them as if they were mysterious creatures viewed from a telescope.

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