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Hosted by Derek Ramsay, the show has gained a big following in the country.

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When you also take into account that it was sandwiched directly between the much more beloved Seasons 5 and 7 (the seasons airing with just three weeks separating them), means that Season 6 is not as fondly remembered as some others. This was the first season to have a mandatory Roadblock split, forcing the teams to split the Roadblocks evenly between them, thus making it much harder for a strong racer to carry a weak teammate through the game.

With several memorable moments, including possibly the most heart-wrenching elimination in the show's history at the end of the third leg, and an increased level of difficulty, the season does have its fans.

The two did not initially plan to audition together for the show.

Jeck said that winning the race means so much to her because her husband pushes her to be the best.

Photo by Rappler MANILA, Philippines - Would you go on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime?

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