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With fewer than 200 men against several thousand, Pizarro lures Atahualpa to a feast in the emperor’s honor and then opens fire on the unarmed Incans. On this day in 1776, Hessian Lieutenant General Wilhelm von Knyphausen and a force of 3,000 Hessian mercenaries and 5,000 Redcoats lay siege to Fort Washington at the northern end and highest point of Manhattan Island.

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1973 - $2,146.38 operating, 1 chimney fire, 3 grass and rubbish fires, 2 automobile fires (one a total loss), 1 barn fire although the barn was lost at Leon Thayers, our firemen and mutual aid firemen from Worthington, Chesterfield, and Goshen should be commended highly for saving the house.

5 mutual aid calls In our last report we stated that a new law Chapter 111C of the Massachusetts general Laws would become effective as of January 1974 whereby we would be required to have trained Medical Technicians in order to legally run an ambulance service 1976 - $3,047.34 operating, 4 chimney fires, 2 brush fires, 3 auto fires, 2 accidents flush gas off road, 2 dump fires, 1 Plainfield house fire, 2 Windsor brush fires, The Cummington Fire Association 1977 - $3,565.70 operating, 1 house fire at Remington Lodge, 1 cabin fire, 2 chimney fires, 4 brush fires, 2 dump fires, 2 accidents, flush gas from road, 2 car and truck fires, 4 generator calls, 1 Mutual Aid call to Cusson Fire in Plainfield.

Walter Scott was born in Ayr, Scotland on May 22, 1844, and was educated at Ayr Academy.

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