Chatroulette for adu

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Nanti kalo gue udah punya bakalan gue share lagi di sini, so jangan lupa follow gue di instagram/twitter: @benakribo.

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Banyak orang yang bilang gitu, tapi, gue tau banget Apple dari zaman nenek masih remaja dulu, Apple itu nggak akan ngeluarin produk yang bagus sampai bener-bener BAGUS banget baru dikeluarin.

Sensor kameranya boleh jadi 12 Megapixel, tapi bener-bener true 12 Megapixel.

Normally we go like once every 4-5 years and that is enough gap in between to make me forget what a waste of time that it actually is. I would say, both Denton and I have a little bit of car fever...I'm trying to quell mine. His nine year old car seems to be in the shop more and more often these last few months. I'm not looking at Porsches or the $74 Lexus models. It doesn't seem to be that way getting in, but I tried a number of times. Let's break that down: if you can go one mile a minute, doing 60 mph, you'd be done with your 6 mile ride in what - 3.5 minutes?

Normally, the freakish folks dominate this scene - mostly due to their clothing choices. The Volkswagen CC is near the top of my list, if not top. Even though someone should, no one was questioning an older female with a southern twang who invokes her lord g-d into her testimony.

Cruisers have much more style and they look more alpha. Beta and ugly: Any posts made by me (including those in the past) are purely fictional in nature and by no means is anything I say to be taken seriously.

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