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Musician Sharon Shannon, 48, has revealed that the man she found love with after the death of her long-term partner is none other than his brother.

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Leo passed away while Sharon was touring in 2008, and she believes long-term medication for Crohn's disease may have weakened his heart.

After Leo's death, she spoke of finding love again in interviews, paying tribute to her partner Jimmy who she's believed to have started dating within two years of his brother's passing.

Look, I’m a child of the ‘60s, so work and activism go hand in hand, and I’ve been blessed to have artists like Eddie Vedder, whose activism and philanthropy have had made as much of an impact as his music has on the world.” In attendance were virtually every major label and major publisher chief — except, sadly, UMG chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge, whose brother Nigel passed away earlier this week — and several hundred other top executives.

Anthony was honored in speeches by many of her friends and longtime colleagues, who spoke at length about her great ability at working with artists, her generosity, her modesty, her ambition and formidable negotiating skills.

In fact, Amelia followed him to Canada and France when he was shooting the last two films of the series.

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