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In most other respects, however, One Chance resembles what Elliot might have looked like redrawn as an antic sitcom pilot, with a pounding, up-tempo musical score (by Theodore Shapiro), a goofy best-friend sidekick (Mackenzie Crook) and a protagonist who can’t help landing himself in the ER from a series of violent banana-peel pratfalls.

Kaleem Aftab, writing in The Independent, gave the film three stars and a mixed review, concluding: ‘The film seems to want to ape the dramatic arc of an opera but it never quite succeeds in this ambition.

’” What about ‘Comedians Sit in Silence with Chrissy Teigen?

’” In his classic no apologies fashion, Eichner puts it right out there: “I’m trying to appeal to the masses! ” Eichner also stars on “Difficult People,” a Hulu original comedy series in its second season with a third season on the way.

With the assistance of James Corden, Eichner does what he does best: chases strangers down on the sidewalk, yelling exasperated witticisms in attempts to get them involved.

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