Dating afghan girl

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She and her Iranian co-worker and roommate, Nazy Farnoosh, spoke of their close friendship because of their similar backgrounds, but again, there was no distinction made between Nazy being Iranian and Durrani being Afghan.

It almost seemed as if Durrani was hiding being Afghan, and trying to pass off as Iranian – a community already introduced to reality TV through shows like Naturally, I was annoyed. The names ‘Durrani’ and ‘Popal’ are not Iranian; they are uniquely Afghan/Pakhtun names, and quite popular ones at that.

He said Zahir was yet to be arrested and Spogmai had requested them not to send her back home, fearing family reprisals.

She told reporters her brother had been harassing her with the allegation she had “illicit relations” with police.

A senior official in NADRA's Peshawar office, where the cards were issued, confirmed the investigation and told AFP that Sharbat Bibi and her two sons Rauf Khan and Wali Khan were issued cards on the same day.

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