Is morena baccarin dating anyone

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This is just one more reason she's the most beautiful woman in the world today.

All the time with the pleasant, not-too-loud laugh of hers.

According to a Friday report from TMZ, Baccarin's estranged husband Chick is claiming in court documents that the actress not only became pregnant while they were still 'working on their marriage' but also that he once found a freshly-showered Ben in his home playing with his son.

Today, under the lacquered blue-enamel sky, in a black-belted black dress, stepping out of the nap-time grasp of an SUV, Morena Baccarin is clearly — honest-to-God, and to every vision of woman ever beheld, without a hint of exaggeration or intended pain to anyone who's borne the title before or will bear it hence — the most beautiful woman in the world. A., in a kind of near-desert, in the parking lot of a wine bar, her jet hair coated by the brightness of a midafternoon sun rigged high. With every step across the careless splash of asphalt, her unlumpy purse hooked over the sinew of her shoulder, finger dangling her keys, Baccarin smiles, which is of course part of why she's the most beautiful woman in the world today. "I drive to a cellar on a bright day, sit here with a lot of wine and cheese, and tell you all about my gambling right out of the box," she says. They like the air, the lack of water."Why did you drive here? And I just didn't think I could manage that for you."This goes on. Serious stuff, about working with Philip Seymour Hoffman as an understudy for Natalie Portman in Chekhov's Ho hum. Evening comes, and still the most beautiful woman in the world is only too happy to play. It's probably the whole deal, the very reason she won the title all those hours ago.

So, down the steep staircase, heels the concrete, sliding into a seat against a cold stone wall — the whole way laughing.

Is morena baccarin dating anyone

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