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When it receives the data, the printer prints out a 2-inch by 3-inch color photo.

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Xiaomi's newest phablet boasts a monster battery and a sleek metal uni-body that's not typical of its mid-range class.

It packs a decent camera too, but is let down by a flawed video mode and worse-than-average low light image quality.

The bulk of Mapplethorpe’s pictures of this era, which include a lot of willies, active and inert, chained, pinned, licked and bound, are, depending on your taste, exhilaratingly frank or wince-makingly disgusting.

Mapplethorpe then made a second reputation, after an Aids diagnosis.

For those who haven't read How Bluetooth Works, this means that your phone (if it's compatible) and the printer can be programmed to talk wirelessly.

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