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Steenburgen moved to Manhattan, New York City in 1972 after being selected by the Neighborhood Playhouse to study acting.

She worked as a server at Magic Pan and for Doubleday while studying under Will Esper.

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I'd heard for years about the show, and amazingly [creator] Graham Yost called saying he had me in mind for the character. A little, but he's been off doing [FX's] , so he's enjoying some pretty outstanding writing himself. She'd shoot someone who stole her purse, finish him off, look at her handiwork and then speak in French to someone on her phone who I guess was gonna come clean it all up?

I knew I'd say yes even though there was nothing on paper to say yes to! Also most people don't think of me for these kind of parts (), but Graham said, "I trust you with the comedy of it, too." Every time I read new show scripts, my husband [actor Ted Danson] was like, "What's happening, what, what? The surprise of those little things, and the fact that she was a Southern woman who was smart and complicated …

She also possesses a very childish smile, which she always has on her face revealing her perfect set of white teeth.

She is known for her hair color and styles that vary from brunette to blonde, and sometimes red hair.

At the other end of the spectrum is Linda, the hippie you played on had such dead-on beautiful scripts that you didn't want to mess with it. Everybody would go into a room -- writers, actors and the director -- and we'd hammer out what needed to be changed.

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